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Greenville, SC Online Marketing Trends: Of Images and Social Media

Aug 6, 2014 | Info Article

These days, what does it take for a business to be one of the most well-known ones in upstate South Carolina? While it’s already an established fact that you can barely survive without an efficient Greenville, SC online marketing firm like Spark Local Marketing delivering excellent services like social media marketing, what you may not know is that the trends that make your marketing campaigns work are constantly changing.

Visual Design

Importance of Images

Visual marketing is quickly becoming one of the most successful means of brand marketing across social media. While business-oriented platforms like LinkedIn might perfectly suit your content marketing strategies, social media users typically favor engaging photos and videos than long lines of text.

Image-Centric Social Networks

Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram take the lead as the top visual social sites on the Internet, but there are surely many more like them that, albeit little-known, are relying on images to foster communication among their users. This trend has also been recognized by the largest social media sites Facebook and Twitter that now seek to promote image sharing in all their users.

Color Branding

As in real life, color is a very important aspect of brand building online—as a matter of fact, you can even have your company colors trademarked. If you want to make your mark in social media sites through color branding, here’s a tip from Zach Kitschke’s article posted at the Social Media Examiner site:

If you want to be sure you’re using the same colors throughout your marketing materials, write down the hex codes so you have them handy any time you need to create graphics. It’s a good idea to share the codes with your team.

Artistic Engagement

Instagram in particular prides itself on helping would-be photographers create masterpieces out of the shots they take, even if it’s just from their trusty smartphones. Many businesses take advantage of this and engage their customers with their marketing campaigns by using promotional stints like photo contests.

Product Visuals

Many customers agree that in any online store, they find the actual image of the product to be much more valuable in their decision-making than lengthy descriptions. As a matter of fact, even reviews and comments take a back seat to photos of the actual product, which is prioritized by users.

Efficient internet marketing in Greenville, SC has different elements that regularly change as the industry matures, so it could be quite difficult for a small business to keep up with what works. Thankfully, you don’t have to fear such tribulations if you put your trust in reputable online marketing firms.

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