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Better Bottom Lines through PPC Advertising Agencies in Greenville, SC

Aug 9, 2014 | Info Article

Social-based pay-per-click (PPC) advertising could be one of the major tools you will need in marketing your business online. Melissa Mackey explains in her article for Search Engine Watch:

Success in Social

If you haven’t jumped on the social PPC bandwagon yet, it’s time you gave it some serious thought. While social PPC won’t replace Google AdWords any time soon, it’s become an effective source of incremental leads and sales for savvy businesses.




In search, the target audience is “anyone who searches using my keywords.” In social, much more thought must be put into the people and personas you’d like to reach. Are they consumers? Business owners? Teenagers? What do they like to do? […]


Defining your audience is critical to success in social PPC.

The above can have some implications for business owners in Greenville, SC. The city’s urban renewal efforts and entry of foreign investments due to tax benefits gave homegrown entrepreneurs an inspirational push to boost their competitive skills against other businesses. When your company wants improved marketing solutions like PPC, seek the services you need from reputable advertising agencies in Greenville, SC like Spark Local Marketing.

Social PPC usually involve marketing strategies carried out over social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but ample research is needed. According to Mackey, you must get to know your customers through various factors such as age group, interests, and other preferences that your product/service is geared toward. The findings will aid in creating the PPC ads that are specifically aimed at your identified target customers.

The social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) you’ll use as primary channels for your PPC ads will be vital in your marketing. Although your business may have an official FB account, Mackey suggests arranging for sponsored updates and ads on the site, and experiment on them with relevant images and quality ad content. The links should lead to the proper pages on the site itself.

Custom audiences, a Facebook ad targeting solution, may be applied to bring in more potential customers; Mackey recommends a pool of at least 1,000 users for any marketing campaign to be a success. However, “lookalike audiences” can be a viable alternative if you’re not getting much results from custom audiences.

Leading Greenville, SC advertising agencies can still use other regular online marketing methods to back up social PPC campaigns. For instance, search engine optimization may be used to help raise the website’s online ranking as the visits generated via PPC ads can provide some leeway.
Learning which options can work for your business will keep you away from a money pit. Let expert online marketers guide you in making the best decisions for the sake of your bottom line.

(Source: 17 Keys to Success in Social PPC, Search Engine Watch, July 29, 2014)

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