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Elements of Effective Web Design for Greenville, SC Small Businesses

Sep 1, 2014 | Info Article

Greenville lies in one of the fastest growing urban communities in South Carolina, making it an excellent font for businesses big and small—so how exactly can you get your small business competing for your fair share of the market? For one, you should invest in efficient online marketing strategies, considering that since the start of the internet revolution, online is where the action’s at. To kick off your internet marketing campaign with an effective website, take note of these factors that make efficient Greenville, SC web design:

Effective Web Site


Before you even think about developing the aesthetics and content of your website, you should first consider your target market, and what they might find of value in a website. A business site is no place to keep potential clients guessing—as much as possible, your homepage should have visuals and content that speak volumes about what business you do and who exactly your audience is.


The visual aspect of the site serves as your primary hook. Even before visitors begin reading any of your content, they will already have formed initial impressions about your business based on how your homepage looks. If you impress them enough, they might start reading the articles you’ve posted, not to mention your list of products or services. This way, you can turn visitors to leads and eventually have loyal, paying customers.


Even the most visually appealing site can turn visitors away with horrible navigability. Just ask contributor Christopher Steiner who writes:

How often do you land on the right Web site but can’t find the right link or the right page? It’s a widespread affliction […]. Simple solution: a tab on the home page called “I’m looking for…” with a drop-down menu including a bevy of the most visited links, pages and products.[…] “You’re going to save people a lot of time–and that smooth experience will carry over to recommendations and reputation.”

Quality Content

Thanks to search engine algorithms and updates like Google’s Hummingbird, website quality is weighed based on the readability of its content. This means that it pays to come up with quality content aimed at the reader, as search engines can easily determine if a web page is user-friendly or not.

Leading online marketing companies like Spark Local Marketing have been delivering efficient Greenville, SC web design services for a long time, and the way trends are going in web design (e.g. responsive design, mobile compatibility) the battle has just begun. If you want to stay on top of the competition and get an edge over other businesses in your area, there’s no better time to make a move than today.

(Source: 10 Elements Of Any Effective Web Site, Forbes)

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