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Efficient Online Marketing Tips in Greenville, SC: Facebook Marketing

Sep 2, 2014 | Info Article

What does it take to make your business succeed in South Carolina’s sixth largest municipality? For many people, online marketing through Greenville, SC firms like Spark Local Marketing is one of the most efficient ways—to be even more specific, taking to social media, where practically most of your target audience hang out. However, social media marketing isn’t as simple as it might sound, therefore here are some tips and information when in it comes to marketing via Facebook, the world’s largest social networking service:

Facebook Marketing

Paid ads are vital.

Unfortunately, Facebook algorithm changes so frequently that it could be difficult to ensure that your organically generated content even sees the light of day in your target audience’s news feed. Statistics show that about 95% of your audience will not be able to see your organic posts, so it’s still best to stick with Facebook ads.

Post at your own pace.

Look for tips on the ideal posting frequency rate and you’ll soon find yourself drowning in conflicting recommendations—the fact is there is no universal posting number or regularity that will automatically put your content on the top. Instead, try a trial-and-error experiment by posting at different rates within similar time intervals and see what works for you.

Post during downtimes.

Business 2 Community writer Jesse Aaron claims that while it’s always good to schedule your posts, you might want to post outside of peak hours, too:

It is pretty commonly accepted that scheduling content posts for peak activity is the best marketing strategy pertaining to the “when” of Facebook posts. However, consider the first tip in this list: Organic reach only applies to a tiny percentage of your audience. Content posted at night may not be within your audience’s peak time, but because there is less activity there is less competition. Visibility increases, and so may the amount of those who share your content.

Pick quality pics.

As it is for most social media platforms today, pictures often speak louder than words, not only in catching the attention of your audience, but also in scoring high in Facebook’s recent algorithms. Make sure to practice some diligence when posting photos though—ensure that it’s devoid of anything that could potentially offend your audience.

There’s a reason why many businesses opt to hire reputable online marketing companies in Greenville, SC, and it’s mainly because ensuring visibility takes a lot of know-how regarding the typical workings of top social networks like Facebook. This makes such companies an invaluable asset in keeping businesses on their feet in the complex world of online brand marketing.

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