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We Have a Big Announcement

Oct 23, 2014 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

Spark Local Marketing is very proud to announce our newest team member, Laura-Faye! Laura-Faye answered our call for an experienced Sales and Marketing Assistant. She is a native of the upstate, growing up here in the tiny town of Marketing Agency Greenville SC New HireMarietta, SC right outside of Greenville, SC. She is a graduate of North Greenville University and even though being a world traveler, she has always chosen to keep her roots planted in the Greenville area. Laura-Faye’s passions are meeting new people, the enjoying the great outdoors, and photography. Laura-Faye brings her many years of marketing experience with her along with a background in search engine optimization, and account management. What makes Laura-Faye stand out is that she also has a number of years in sales. There aren’t too many candidates out there who have experience in our field, and to top that off, experience in sales as well.

Laura-Faye will be assisting in the everyday tasks of providing the high level of quality and value our clients have come to expect. We have very big plans for Spark Local Marketing and we know that Laura-Faye will play a key role into our continued success. We are very excited to see what Laura-Faye is going to bring to the table here with us at Spark Local Marketing. If you stop by the office make sure you give Laura-Faye a big welcome to Spark Local Marketing.

Welcome Aboard Laura-Faye, we’re very happy that you’re part of the team!

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  1. Layna Gifford

    Congrats to you and Laura-Faye! She is working for a great company!

  2. Richard Bivans

    Scott and Laura-Faye,
    I wish you much success! Sounds like a good match in talents and skills.