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Create Success in 2019 with These Hot Web Design Trends

Jan 15, 2019 | Tips

Building a presence online has become a necessity for practically every business, and there are many different components to doing so successfully. As more and more businesses flood the digital space, it’s easy to forget just how complex building a brand online can be – especially in an environment where advancements in technology and consumer behaviors spur constant fluctuations in digital trends.

With all this movement, your website is the one place that stands as a consistent, reliable representation of your brand. It’s tempting to build a website that you love and call it good but if you really want to generate interest in your brand, and the traffic that comes with it, then you also need to be paying attention to the web design trends that are capturing the attention of your target audience.

2019 is almost here, and with it a new perspective on what effective web development looks like. To make the coming year your most successful yet, here are a few of the upcoming design trends that you want to pay attention to.


Making the Most of Video


The fact that the use of video is a leading trend is web design doesn’t come as surprise to anyone. What is changing is how video is being used to encourage engagement and longer visits on websites. Take for example, how video ties into the mobile user experience. The number of mobile visits to websites grew from 57% to 63% in one year’s time, and with that came an increase in the amount of time mobile visitors were spending on those sites and a drop in bounce rates. Video supports these numbers.

Full page video is one of the most important upcoming web design trends that will provide the type of stimulation to increase the average length of site visits and help stimulate an emotional response that will keep customers connected to your brand.


Say Farewell to Neutral


Flat design is still going strong, but in the next year we’ll see more websites incorporating design elements that make them stand out from the current crop of cookie cutter web pages. For example, look for bold statements of color to become more popular, including a move toward gradient designs that not only provide aesthetic stimulation but also help move the customer’s eyes along the page.

Color isn’t the only element that will be livening up neutral web pages. Geometrical shapes, unique fonts and the use of 3D elements will become mainstream in 2019.




Clean web design is still visually more appealing to today’s digital consumer. This means that businesses are presented with the challenge of presented a fair amount of information while keeping their web pages as clean and uncluttered as possible. Animation is becoming popular way of making this happen.

Professional web development that includes animation that represents your brand, delivers your message and minimally impacts the speed of the site is going to be in high demand in 2019.


Are you ready for the new year and all the ways you’re going to see your business grow? We’d like to be your partners in success. Contact Spark Local Marketing and let’s develop a plan for creating a website that will carry your brand into the future.

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