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Online Reputation Checklist

Feb 1, 2024 | Info Article

Reputation Management Checklist

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Why Do You Need To Pay Attention to Your Online Reputation?

The online reputation of your business can’t be overestimated!  Any time consumers are trying to make a purchasing decision they check for reviews online for products and services they are interested in across multiple resources. 90% of consumers say online reviews impact their decisions! That means even if your business is listed first in search engine results but your competitor has a higher reputation rating, 56% of consumers would prefer the business with a better rating than yours! Moreover, there is a 6.5% increase in sales for every 0.5 a point increase in business reputation star rating! If your goal is to get more sales, your reputation growth strategy should be the main focus of your marketing efforts!

What Steps Should You Take?

We will help you make sure that you have a good grip on your reputation with this comprehensive step-by-step checklist!

BONUS: It includes actionable links to get the things done!

Know What Your Customers Find About Your Business Online

⬜ Google Your Business Name to Find All The Mentions About Your Business Online

⬜ Check Google Maps for Directions and Details About Your Business

⬜ Search Your Business Name + Reviews on Google, Yahoo, Bing to find all the reviews

⬜ Review Major Directories That Show Feedback For Your Business like Better Business Bureau, Yelp, YellowPages, SuperPages, InsiderPages, CitySearch, Foursquare, Yellowbook, etc.

⬜ See What Reviews or Recommendations Are Visible Across Social Media For Your Business: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Track Your Competitors Reputation

⬜ Learn What Your Competitors Are Doing Better Than Your Team

⬜ Search for [Competitor Name] + Reviews

Increase Your Visibility

Create a Google Listing or Update Your Google Profile

Claim Your Business on Review Directories like Better Business Bureau, Yelp, YellowPages, SuperPages, InsiderPages, CitySearch, Foursquare, Yellowbook, etc.

⬜ Create Missing Social Media Accounts For Your Business.

Create a Youtube Channel and Post Video Reviews From Your Customers

⬜ Add links to Your Social Media Business Pages to Your Signature

⬜ Create Listings On the Directories Most Important For Your Niche (, ZocDoc, etc)

⬜ Check If Your Webpages Are Properly Optimized

⬜ Run Targeted Ads

⬜ Curate and Share Valuable Content to Engage Your Customers

⬜ Increase Brand Awareness By Aligning Your Brand Across Multiple Channels

Manage Online Reviews

⬜ Decide Who Is Going To Be In Charge Of Your Review Management

⬜ Check for New Reviews Daily

⬜ Encourage Your Customers To Leave Reviews On Your Website and Review Directories

⬜ Add a Prompt to Leave Reviews to Your  Business Cards and Flyers

⬜ Ask For Reviews in Emails

⬜ Promote Your Best Reviews on Your Social Media

⬜ Collect Testimonials and Post Images On Your Website and Social Media

⬜ Create Videos Highlighting Your Best Reviews and Testimonials

Respond To All Reviews: Negative and Positive

⬜ Add New Testimonials To Your Website Regularly

Engage  and Share Those Leaving You Reviews

⬜ Create a Page For Showing Testimonials and Reviews on Your Website

⬜ Find and Respond to All the Negative Reviews About Your Business

⬜ Respond to Majority of Positive Reviews And Leave Thank you Notes to Reviewers

⬜ Encourage Your Customers To Follow Your Business On Social Media And Share Good Feedback

Improve Your Service to Get Better Feedback

⬜ Create Surveys And Questionnaires to Get Better Understanding What Can Be Improved

⬜ Educate Your Staff To Provide Excellent Service

⬜ Educate Your Staff About Importance Of Online Reputation

⬜ Create a Way to Track Waiting Time for Customers to Receive Service

Prevent Crises

⬜ Create an Effective Way to Remedy the Crisis Situation Before It Results In A Bad Review

⬜ If A Bad Review is Left, Settle The Issue Immediately and Encourage the Reviewer to Update Their Feedback if Their Issue Was Resolved

⬜ Offer Apologies to Anyone Who Voiced Their Bad Experience Or Sent A Bad Feedback

Create Ways to Ask For Reviews Online

⬜ Create a Review Form That Can Be Easily Accessed On Your Website

⬜ Send Emails To Customers Asking If They Could Send Reviews

⬜ Send Text Messages To Customers Asking For Reviews


⬜ Track Employees’ Performance and Run Contests For Employee Of the Month Based on Submitted Reviews and Testimonials

⬜ Never Offer Incentives, Discounts To Customers In Return Of Positive Reviews

Your Online Reputation Is Marketing Your Business 24/7!

91% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendations! Moreover, 68% of consumers also say they are actually willing to pay up to 15% more for the same product or service if they are assured they will have a better experience. Never underestimate how much customer experience matters.

Building and managing your reputation is an integral part of your marketing efforts, and our company will help you grow your positive review count, monitor your reviews online, automate your review acquisition efforts and refine your reputation marketing strategy with our comprehensive done-for-you service!

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