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How Does Website Speed Affect SEO

May 15, 2024 | Info Article

You May Be Asking – How Does Website Speed Affect SEO?

People ask us all the time, “Does Website Speed Affect SEO”.  When an individual uses Google to search for something, they want their question answered quickly. They don’t have time to wait around on a website that takes forever to load.  Instead of waiting, they’ll typically go on to the next website, meaning you’ll lose that potential customer to a competitor.

How do you rank your website on Google? Is it good enough to just post content or should you be doing something else? You might not believe how much page speed affects SEO. Google’s Panda update was designed to weed out sites with thin content and poor usability, but the other side of that coin is how page speed affects SEO. Page load speed (and overall site speed) is a crucial does website speed affect seo component of user experience. When does page speed affect SEO? Google tends to reward websites with faster load times with higher rankings on its search engine.  Higher rankings equal more traffic.  More traffic equals more conversions.  More conversions equal more revenue for your business.

What is Page Speed?

While it is pretty self explainatory, Page Speed is how quickly your website page completely loads onto a device, whether that’s a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.  Each page of your website can load at a variety of quickness due to several different factor including server load, network latency, amount of content, scripts, plugins, the size and number of images used on the page, just to name just a few.

A slow website can have a huge impact on your business’s bottom line because it can affect bounce rates and conversion. For example, Google has said that they don’t rank pages with high bounce rates highly in their search engine results pages.  In addition to this, it takes 7 seconds or less for someone to decide if your content is worth engaging with or not. This means that you need fast loading times of under 2 seconds per page if possible! If the user experience isn’t great, then they won’t stay on the site very long at all which could result in lower conversion rates too.

Does Page Speed Affect SEO?

From Google’s own admission, the answer is YES!  You see Google wants your prospects and customers to have a great experience when they’re reviewing the content on your website.  Google rewards websites which provide the best customer experience with higher rankings via it’s search engine results.  At the end of the day, people want their questions answered as quickly and completely as possible OR they’ll bounce out of your website and go to your competitors if your page is loading too slowly.

Building a website with good site speed will help your customers get what they need quicker and easier while improving your SEO ranking as well! By using our services you’ll be able to build a better web presence for your business by building websites that load instantly! This means higher conversion rates for businesses and happier users who don’t have to wait forever just to find out what they were looking for!

How to Check Your Website Speed and Performance

How do you even check to see if your website is loading quickly enough?  There are several tools out there which will give you an idea if your website is loading quickly enough, we’ve listed a few of these below:

How to Fix Page Loading Speed?

While most of the suggestions for improving your website page load speed aren’t extermely difficult to do, unless you hire someone to help you with this, you’ll be taking time away from your core business needs.  If these changes are done incorrectly, you could negatively impact your page loading speed and/or break your website.  With our SEO optimization service, we make sure your site loads fast every time with no technical knowledge needed from your end. We do all the heavy lifting.  This way prospects will stay on your site longer because they won’t have trouble accessing the information they need quickly. Your search engine ranking should increase which means more traffic AND PROFIT for you!

We’ll help optimize your website so it loads fast on any device, including mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. We’ll also show you how to convert more traffic into leads with landing page optimization services as well as conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques designed specifically for websites. Plus we provide ongoing maintenance services so your pages will continue loading lightning fast after we’re gone!

If you’re website isn’t loading quickly or finding that you’re not converting a lot of the traffic you’re generating from your website, give us a call to discuss.  We’d be happy to take a look!

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