How to Avoid These Common Mistakes on Web Design in Greenville, SC

Having a website for your business could greatly help in spreading the word about the services and products you offer, particularly since everyone is now turning to the Internet to search for things they need and information they seek. At first, you might be tempted to go all out and have your Greenville, SC web design experts create a sophisticated-looking website, but looks won’t matter if you fail to get your message across by filling your site with boring content or using complex methods.

10 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid To Drive Traffic to Your Site

The first thing you have to know about website design is that it has to be user-friendly and simple; its core focus is your brand and what you have to offer. In setting up a website for your business, with the help of Greenville, SC web design companies like Spark Local Marketing, be mindful of the following common mistakes business owners commit and know how you can avoid them.

Technical aspects

People are after an easy experience when navigating your website, so don’t EVER deactivate the “Back” button or bring your site visitors to multiple new windows. Deactivating the “Back” button prevents users from going back to their page of origin, causing them to get lost or confused on the site as they struggle to return to a favored page. Bombarding them with several windows as they weave through your site, on the other hand, could slow down their computer’s response and load speed.


Keyword-heavy content is a thing of the past; keywords are no longer the main components for raising your site’s search rankings. Also, while you might have a way with words, regular internet users are known to have a shorter attention span and are more likely to ignore text-heavy websites. Adding images, graphics, and videos to your site could entice surfers to visit, and encourage visitors to become actual buyers or customers.

Your latest contact details should also be easy to access; how else could you allow an interested party to reach you? Make sure you have those details on every page of your site to make life easy for your potential buyers. Don’t go overboard with colors and fonts as well; remember, your website is all about your industry skills, not your artistic skills—unless your business is art.


Lastly, your website should be accessible in all platforms, from desktop computers to mobile phones. Don’t underestimate the power of optimizing your site for phones, for this is becoming the medium of choice in accessing the Internet. Create accounts on social media to help you connect with your prospective customers. These are just a few of the things to avoid and ideas for a good website.

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