Elements of Internet Marketing in Greenville: Whitespace and Design

What does it take to craft an excellent campaign for internet marketing in Greenville, SC that can drive your business into the minds and hearts of the city’s 61,000 denizens? Many, in fact—but web design has to be one of the most influential. Many people, however, fail to grasp the importance of some of its most underrated processes, like the value of whitespace, for instance.

the importance of white space in web designs

What is Whitespace?

In search of what they want to see, people often overlook the cogs working behind the scenes, which help delineate the images more effectively. This is the dilemma of whitespace, or the blank, empty spaces in between the elements of a design or a page—as well as between content and media—in other words, the very background of the page itself.

Space and Legibility

The most important value of whitespace in design is that it allows viewers to read content and identify elements with the least possible complexity.  As web developer Jennifer Kyrnin writes in About.com:

“White space at the micro level (leading, kerning, and tracking) can help improve or destroy the legibility of a Web page. If you have a lot of content you need to get across in a small amount of space, you can increase the leading or tracking to make the text easier to read. If you look at the print version of the Wall Street Journal, the paper always has many columns of text with very little margin or padding around it. But the space between the lines and letters makes the columns readable.”


Simplicity and Elegance

In terms of the creative aspect of web design, you can say that whitespace is an essential tool to showcase simplicity in design—that voice that just screams “no gimmicks, just business”. Keeping things simple is the best way to show that your site can offer visitors more than just glitter and pointless showiness.

Guidance and Direction

Without the distraction of excessive design elements, visitors to your website should be able to focus more on user interface and the actual content on the page. This is an advantage that professional design and online marketing firms like Spark Local Marketing can work out for you so that your online visitors shouldn’t have to strain their eyes looking for what to click on your page.

The next time somebody you know asks you why you’re “wasting space” on your website, see how you can explain that image and text look so much easier on the eyes, and how the overall content on the page, ultimately  enhances  reader experience. Always remember that in online marketing in Greenville, SC, especially in web design, what matters isn’t how much you put on your site, it’s how you put it.

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