Greenville, SC Marketing Agencies: Is Keyword Research Still Relevant?

SEO is said to be part art and part science. The good news is that if you find yourself lacking in one or both of these areas, a capable Greenville, SC marketing agency can help you. They can even help you decide which keywords you want your site to rank for. Keywords are an important aspect of SEO because they are what your customers will be using to find you, so it is of utmost importance that you find the most suitable ones for your business.

Keyword Research Dead

Unfortunately, many business owners consider keyword research a waste of time. They believe that they already know the important keywords for their field and proceed to build their website based on presumptions, but it’s seldom that simple. A good business owner knows that the factors that contribute the most to the business are worth spending some time on, and finding the right keywords is one of them.

Some even believe that keyword research have become irrelevant, what with the onslaught of Google updates targeting those who misuse their keywords and ‘overstuff’ their content with it. This notion, however, is highly mistaken. Take a look at what Steve Shaw of SiteProNews has to say about why keyword research remain an important aspect of SEO today:

If you want to rank well now, your content best be worth it.


But you still need to help Google and other search engines understand what your content is all about. And your focus should now be on working with Google, rather than trying to battle against their latest update to get your content artificially high.


And this is exactly where keyword research comes in …


Keyword research still matters and should be part of your online marketing strategy. But it’s only one weapon in the arsenal, and only part of the story. Get too obsessed with keywords, and your content can lose some of its allure that would otherwise attract readership.


Remember you’re ultimately creating content for your readership – give that your primary focus, and use keyword research as an additional kick in the right direction.

Almost all online marketing methods are founded in keywords. The words you target for organic SEO, the phrases you purchase for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and the terms you use in your images and videos, all depend on the keyword choices you make. Choosing the wrong keywords will only cause you to spend needlessly.

So how do you find the right keywords to use? This is where online marketing agencies in Greenville, SC can help. These companies know the industry well, so they will be well-equipped to perform an efficient keyword research for you.

(Source: Is Keyword Research Dead?, SiteProNews, May 1, 2014)