Greenville, SC Web Design Experts: Giving Start-ups the Push They Need

Start-up companies are seen as smaller towns’ best weapon against brain drain, giving opportunities for talented locals to grow their own business and profitably practice their crafts. In South Carolina, in fact, the government offers support to start ups and other entrepreneurs through its NEXT program.

One thing start-ups in Greenville, SC and similar locations need to avoid, however, is to miss out on the importance of a great web design. As contributor Neil Patel says in an article:


Entrepreneur coach Martin Zwilling explained one of the shortcomings of entrepreneurs is “they skimp on the design of their website.


In the eyes of your users, design is everything. Your website is the company. Your website is the product. Your website is your reputation.


Is design marketing? Absolutely.


Brian Collins said this: “Advertising becomes the penalty paid by companies that cannot design well.” 

Admittedly, even start ups that offer an impressive new technology may know little to nothing about coming up with an effective web design, and can therefore benefit greatly from the services of Greenville, SC web design experts.

Anyone can create a website, perhaps using one of the free website making tools available on the Internet. Not everyone, however, knows what it takes to create an effective site that will attract and hold viewers’ attention long enough to result in sales.

Elements of a Good Web Design

The basic elements of a good website include an appealing layout, topnotch content, and easy navigation. To achieve these, such factors as font, colors, spacing, and images have to be carefully planned. Content has to be current, updated, and original; and menus have to be highly visible and user-friendly.

Additionally, a good website must also be designed for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as top rankings in search engine results pages are needed to achieve visibility and generate site traffic amid the highly competitive world of online marketing.

Looking for a Good Designer

As more and more businesses are learning about the importance of good design in online marketing, finding excellent designers is also getting to be more difficult. Some experts suggest hiring designers and website constructors separately.

This will not be necessary, however, if a business works with the best Greenville, SC web design companies like Spark Local Marketing. Reputable companies such as these have accomplished internet marketing gurus in their staff who can come up with excellent web designs, as well as build a website that will give start-up businesses the boost they need to make it big in the market.

(Source: The Five Marketing Must-Haves of an Online Startup, Forbes, October 27, 2014)