Greenville, SC Web Design Tips: Using Colors in a Minimalistic Way

Businesses in fast-growing cities like Greenville, South Carolina should see to it that they stay well above the competition by effectively using internet marketing tools like Greenville, SC web design. These days, web designers and marketers alike are advocating the use of minimalistic design instead of assaulting the viewer’s senses with psychedelic colors or illegible text. The easier the page is on the eyes, the more visitors to the site will appreciate it.

Principles Of Minimalist

Minimalistic Color

Just because you’re keeping your web design to a minimum, it doesn’t mean you should just stick with black text, white space, and whatever colors your photos come in. Cameron Chapman of Smashing Magazine writes about how color can still enliven a page, and still achieve a simple, minimalistic effect:

Color takes on added significance in a minimalist design. Choosing the right palette or accent colors is vital. Many designers opt for a simple black, white and/or gray palette, but minimalism has room for any color in the rainbow.


Like details, color becomes critical with fewer elements. Pay attention to the meanings of the colors you choose and how they interact with one another.


Red is the color of action, passion, strength, love, and even rage, so if you use these predominantly in your site, you are promoting a diverse set of emotions in your visitors. Being the color of action, psychology suggests that it can manipulate people’s minds into making quick decisions, something that benefits shopping sites and fast food chains alike.


Generally, blue denotes calmness, depth, stability, power, professionalism, success and honor—where red promotes action, blue reinforces harmony and success, making business websites look extraordinarily friendly and professional. If coupled with good graphics and patterns, it could show your visitors that you are a highly professional, but accommodating service business.


Yellow is bright and cheerful, perfect for businesses geared towards more creative and light-hearted products and services rather than technical services (in which case you might be better off using blue). However, this is a tricky color to use, since it can be overpowering on its own, so be sure to always contrast it with a darker color.

In short, even with only one or two colors, you could elicit an emotional response from your prospective customers, so there’s no need to make your site rainbow-colored (unless your brand identity demands it, of course). Professionals that deal with website design in Greenville, SC like Spark Local Marketing should know all about how you can creatively use minimal colors in your site.

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