Greenville SEO Services Help Local Companies Avoid Costly SEO Mistakes

Nowadays, any business—from local ones to multinational enterprises—hoping to be a success needs a bit of help from online marketing. One of the key foundations of online marketing is search engine optimization or SEO. Though it can be tempting to save money and do without the help of Greenville SEO companies, it is easy to make mistakes when implementing SEO. As an example, a recent article by Yosef Martin on highlights the consequence of stuffing a page with too many keywords:

Boost Your SEO

[…] big companies often try to bypass this process by placing all their keywords on the home page. This method can produce quick results, but Google will ultimately penalize them for bad SEO practices. This year, we saw quite a few big brands — including eBay — tumble down search results for trying to game the system.


Cramming in low-quality links with too many anchor texts will yield feeble SEO results. Instead, hire a qualified PR professional to get you on reputable sites like CNN. The organic, healthy links will filter in naturally and boost your SEO without keyword stuffing.

The wrong use of keywords isn’t the only mistake that can be made while carrying out SEO. This is why leading Greenville, SC search engine optimization companies like Spark Local Marketing sees to it that they steer clear of tactics that Google and other major search engines absolutely frown upon. Here are some SEO slip-ups that you should avoid at all costs:

First, your site may have broken links. This is the natural result of changes to the website and the passage of time. Having links that lead to nowhere is penalized by Google and other search engines. A professional SEO service would be able to audit your website and fix up any broken links that could hurt your search rankings.

Second, there is the problem of duplicate content. This pops up often when a site has multiple versions of the same page. This can easily be solved by implementing redirects in the appropriate pages—something that can be properly done by an SEO professional.

Finally, most businesses just leave up their site online without doing any follow-ups or analytics on site traffic. Measuring website data would give info on what keywords were used to find the site and what links were clicked to reach it. Knowing these would help optimize a site better to increase traffic. The constantly changing nature of the Internet requires online marketers to keep abreast of the latest trends and to adjust their SEO strategies accordingly. Needless to say, SEO mistakes can be avoided if a company hires a reliable local SEO company to handle their internet marketing campaigns.

(Source: Think Like A Startup: Five Ways To Boost Your SEO Strategy, Forbes, August 22, 2014)