Online Marketing in Greenville, SC: Improving SEO with Social Media

Many businesses are already aware of social media—most may even be an active participant in them. Those with websites could even be practitioners of search engine optimization (SEO). Although social media and SEO strategies may seem disparate, both can actually be used hand-in-hand to improve your business’s search engine rankings. As stated by Dave Lloyd in his blog post for Adobe’s Digital Marketing Blog:

Social Networks for SEO

The marriage of search and social is powerful indeed. While it’s still developing, we should expect it only to get more complex and relevant. That means smart SEOs and marketers will start now to learn the subtle and more direct ways social can support your search engine results.

Ask a Greenville, SC marketing expert and he’ll tell you: Social media is influencing SEO more and more with each passing day, and getting ahead of the learning curve can mean massive growth for your company and leaving your competition behind. Take a look at how social media and SEO overlap and how the former can contribute to the overall organic success of your SEO efforts.


Being active on social media can make your brand or website content more familiar to the public. This increase in awareness can be transformed into links or “shares”. Such links contribute to your website’s overall link profile, which eventually enhances its SEO impact.

Search Queries

Since social media helps you increase overall awareness about your brand, more people will likely become curious about it and search for it. Once search queries about your brand increases, Google will view your brand as more popular and well-known, and award your site and social profiles a higher ranking.

Brand Signals

Simply having your brand mentioned on a site or post—even without a hyperlink—can influence your ranking. Google considers being mentioned this way as a brand signal.

Traffic Volume

When people find the things you share on social media interesting, they’ll be attracted to visit your site. This increase in website traffic is a key factor in boosting search engine ranking. If your website content compels users to stick around for a while, you may be rewarded in organic results.

If you want to learn more about how to effectively incorporate social media into your SEO efforts, a consultation with results-oriented Greenville, SC marketing agencies like Spark Local Marketing will provide you with all the information you need.

(Source: What You Need to Know About Social Networks for SEO, Digital Marketing Blog by Adobe, November 25, 2014)