How PPC Ads from Greenville, SC Advertising Agencies Help Businesses

Times have changed, and local advertising agencies in Greenville, SC and other locales have changed too. Such agencies are now also tapping into online marketing advertising known as the pay-per-click, or PPC ads. Writing on Entrepreneur, co-founder Brent Frei notes:

“Few young businesses have piles of cash for marketing but I’ll take the challenge of thinking hard about where to spend marketing dollars any day. One way we’ve had success is with tightly run, highly measured pay-per-click programs.”


PPC is a method of online advertising where your business pays a website owner for every click that website readers make on your company’s advertising on the web page. Here are other known perks when you put out a PPC ad:

5 reasons why pay per click ads work for small budgets

Instant results – When PPC servicers claim instant results, they mean it. PPC is widely regarded as the fastest way of driving online traffic directly to a client’s website. Unlike SEO campaigns which typically churn out results after weeks or months at a time, PPC ads appear on search results pages as soon as they go live. They can also be modified, added, or deleted at any time.

Easy implementation – PPC is easily implemented as they don’t require any modifications on the website. This makes it an effective search engine marketing model for sites which are technically difficult to modify for SEO campaigns.

Control and flexibility – PPC gives businesses the ability to design and control their campaigns to meet specific business requirements. For instance, one can choose to create a seasonal campaign so the PPC ads only appear during certain time periods. Aside from this, companies can also bid only on the amount they’re willing to pay as there are numerous options available.

Level playing field – Company size doesn’t matter with PPC. Small businesses have as much potential to generate more sales and succeed with PPC ads as their much larger counterparts.

Return of investment is maximized – Because PPC ads are only paid for when they are clicked, it’s easier for companies to manage costs, track conversions, and determine ROI. Data is much more accurately and correctly reported, and campaign results can be tracked extensively.

Reputable Greenville, SC advertising agencies who do online marketing, such as Spark Local Marketing, can tell you more about the benefits of their PPC services. Only a call or message away, there’s no telling how much business gains this advertising tool can bring your company as a way to be seen more widely by your target consumers.  

(Source: 5 Reasons Why Pay Per Click Ads Work for Small Budgets, Entrepreneur, June 12, 2014)