SEO in Greenville, SC Help Small Businesses Establish Online Presence

With more people going online and building communities and connecting to each other on a bigger scale, one cannot help but think of the many possibilities this opens to businesses everywhere. Many companies have seen the web’s potential for the promotion of their enterprise inasmuch as social media networking had given more means for people to reach out to the world.

Google Search Changes

Online marketing is the next big step in building a brand and community of potential customers. Search engine optimization or SEO is a popular and effective online marketing tool, but for small businesses, it may take more effort, resources, and time to see results. An article by Natasha Clark on has this to say about SEO:

While Google does not comment on how it measures engagement on websites, it is believed that search rankings are now biased towards the context of content; if it’s written by a reputable journalist or blogger then it ranks higher. SEO experts believe Google’s new algorithms also consider users’ engagement with the content, such as the time people spend on a website and its organic links, rather than paid-for content.


With its algorithm changes, Google’s search is more human-friendly. People are now searching online using questions and complex phrases rather than just entering stand-alone keywords. To solve their query, it makes sense that content marketers meet this content demand, with SEO in mind.

With Google’s constant algorithm changes to their search engines, will SEO still work? Yes. As search engines alter their algorithms, SEO strategies be adjusted accordingly. Content is now prioritized over a blunt method of advertising online. The combination of relevant and unique content along with the use of SEO techniques is still an effective way of promoting one’s business. This applies to virtually anywhere in America, making SEO in Greenville, SC vital to the city’s entrepreneurs.

Search engine optimization in Greenville, SC works by directing people’s searches to a company’s website by way of keywords and as mentioned above, how they are used in written content posted on the site. Leading SEO companies like Spark Local Marketing endeavor to generate more traffic or searches on the product or company. Getting high ranks in search engine results pages organically through content and proper keyword optimization is the goal.

However, meeting such a goal is not an easy task. Competitors range from the biggest of companies or brands down to the small ones. For startups or small businesses, it takes time and continued effort to successfully promote their respective products and services via SEO. Therefore, it really helps to work with an established SEO company that knows the ins and outs of the internet marketing industry.

(Source: Google search changes will push SEO firms and social media marketers closer, The Guardian, July 28, 2014)