Social Media Marketing

Your Business Needs to be Social!

Social Media Marketing has to be part of your small business marketing plan.  Did you know that online users spend nearly 25% of their time on Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn? Look at how this compares to the other reasons people are online: gaming (9.8%), reading email (7.5%), watching videosYour Social Media Marketing Experts (4.5%), etc. So the question is, if your customers are spending 25% of their time on Social Networks, how can you plug into that powerful platform and get your product message communicated?

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a vital component of your Small Business Local Marketing. In a nutshell, Social Media Marketing is the process of increasing web traffic and gaining attention through the use of various social networks. The goal here is to create content which attracts people and encourages them to share this content with their social circles. This is the new “Word of Mouth” referral marketing which businesses, small and large, have been dependent upon for years. When someone speaks of or refers a business to their social circle, an inherent level of trust is built up about that business, thus helping drive sales based on that trust. Social Media Marketing serves as a relatively inexpensive method which allows businesses to engage potential customers where customers live 24/7, on the internet.

Social Media Marketing is essential for any business whose customers use the internet. No matter how large or small your business, you want to leverage Social Media Marketing. You’re building relationships with prospects and customers, letting them know about your business as well as sharing valuable information.

Engage Your Customers

Spark Local Marketing is here to help you create that Social Presence which is needed in today’s consumer world. We’ll help create your various social networks i.e. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Google +) as well as assist you in creating messages which your potential customers will find fun and engaging. We’ll also help you set up a schedule to implement these small communications, making it easy for you to get the word out but yet still focus on your day to day business needs. The goal here is to develop a BUZZ about your business so people can’t help but talk about you. You want your customers coming back time and time again to see what you have to share.

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