How to Use Twitter for a Greenville, SC Online Marketing Campaign

Millions of people have turned to Twitter to broadcast their thoughts and feelings, even some of the most personal ones. For celebrities, it has also been a good medium to “personally” interact with their fans, as they’re most often the ones who maintain their profiles themselves—unlike pages on Facebook which are typically moderated by other persons in their name.

Awesome Twitter Marketing Tips

Its inherent qualities make Twitter a logical choice for a marketing platform. writer Martin Jones agrees, while also noting a certain concern of his:

Without a doubt, Twitter has become one of the most valuable marketing tools available to business owners and operators. But knowing precisely how to best use this channel may not be as widely known.

It’s important to remember from the outset that using Twitter for marketing isn’t exactly rocket science, but social media is a special kind of platform that requires adequate vigilance for proper usage. Here are a few tips to correctly launch a local Greenville, SC online marketing campaign via Twitter.

Make sure all tweets are distinctively “you” – Companies looking to market themselves on Twitter must build an aura or image that defines them and separates them from their competitors in the cyber landscape. contributor Mari Smith stresses that companies should create all their content in a specific style that best matches their personality or brand.

Customer service above all – Twitter is considered a much more “personal” way for companies to connect with their customers, so it’s self-explanatory that businesses should never forget to answer and address as much queries as they can. After all, the “personal” quality of tweets make it much easier for customers to voice out both their praises and issues with specific products or services.

Don’t be a robot – To sound like an automatic answering machine in Twitter is a mortal sin. On Twitter, customers are looking to speak with a person rather than a faceless corporate entity. Thus, see to it that you’re placing a human element or touch to most, if not all, of your Tweets.

Use hashtags wisely – The main purpose of hashtags is to categorize tweets according to a specific theme or topic, making it easier for customers to find whatever it is they’re looking. For instance, companies can use a hashtag to identify a specific campaign or contest.

Marketing through Twitter isn’t too complicated, but should businesses find themselves in need of assistance, they can always turn to trusty Greenville, SC internet marketing firms such as Spark Local Marketing to light the way for them.

(Source: 3 Awesome Twitter Marketing Tips for your Business,, May 23, 2014)