Ten Reasons to Add Video Marketing to your Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing is a Great Way to be Seen Online

Are you ready for higher rankings on search engines and greater interest among site visitors? If so, video creation is a marketing tool you do not want to miss out on. Video marketing does not need to be a huge financial investment, though it has the potential to gain impressive returns. Whether you choose to produce video testimonials, informational videos, commercials, how-to presentations, or some other video format, it will be worth the effort and money you put into it, as long as you include the right keyword optimization. Video Marketing is Essential to SEO

There are many compelling reasons to engage your customers with video marketing, including the following:

  1. YouTube’s search engine is second only to Google. There are more than 4 billion YouTube views every single day, and those numbers most likely include your customers. Research shows that 78% of all the people online watch a video at least once every week, and 55% of users watch videos daily.
  2. The chances are that your competition is already benefiting from video marketing, since 81% of top marketing executives utilize online video content in their marketing packages.
  3. Consumers appreciate videos that inform them about products they may choose to purchase; more than 60% of shoppers spend a minimum of two minutes watching helpful videos.
  4. Videos invite interaction and feedback from consumers, which further helps your search engine ranking.
  5. Of the top 100 search listings on Google last year, 70% of them were video results.
  6. Videos are frequently and easily shared.
  7. You can compete with the largest organizations and most famous brands with effective videos.
  8. Analytics are available to provide measurable information about the effectiveness of your video marketing efforts. You can determine which videos lead to improved sales.
  9. If you do it right, once you’ve produced a video, you can benefit from it forever, which makes it incredibly cost-effective.
  10. A shopper who watches a video is 174% more likely to make a purchase than one who doesn’t see a video.

It’s easy to see that video creation and marketing is practically a necessity these days to remain relevant online.  It is an essential online marketing tool which can create higher search engine rankings, greater customer engagement, and higher conversion rates.

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