What Digital Agencies Do to Maintain Focus on Their Clients

What Digital Agencies Do to Maintain Focus on Their Clients

If there’s one thing that the past few years have taught us, it’s that every business needs a strong, effective digital strategy to survive. Most business owners realize this, and it has become even easier for them to piece together a strategy on their own, without the help of a digital agency. While those of us in the industry know that the services of agencies are important and still very relevant, the challenge has become communicating this to an audience that has become increasingly independent.

The most important things that an agency can promote for overcoming this hurdle are the personalized service, value and innovation that they bring to the table. In order to accomplish this, agencies need to be client focused, with a keen eye on what matters most to their clients. Here are a few things for agencies to keep in mind when they want to win over clients and establish themselves as valuable members of their teams.

Rethink the End Goal

As an agency, you know firsthand how important it is to constantly monitor campaigns, measure their success and make changes where needed. Metrics like customer engagement and UX mean a lot from your perspective, but your clients are probably more focused on the larger goal of boosting their bottom line.

Agencies can help keep the focus on their clients by providing them with the information that is most likely to influence their decision making processes. For them, knowing their engagement rates is great but what they really want to know is how the digital strategy that’s been created for them is impacting their bottom line – in real, measurable numbers rather than intangible information about their digital audience.


Understand Their Perspective

When a client contacts you, they have a specific need or goal that they want to reach. You, as the digital expert, have heard it all and know that it’s often the case that a client’s expectations aren’t always meshed with the realities of marketing. While you can’t achieve the impossible, it is your job to find a way to deliver results that meet their needs.

This often requires stepping out of the box and looking at strategy from their perspective and helping them learn more about their business. For instance, they might hand you a goal of X amount of growth in a given period. The best way to serve them and establish yourself as part of their team is break that goal down into measurable actions that they can understand and relate to.


Understand Their Business

In today’s digital landscape, you’re not going to gain any traction for your clients if you don’t have an in-depth understanding of their business, their competition and their industry as a whole. One of the most important things you can do to optimize the service you provide your clients is demonstrating that you know their business inside and out. Not only does this signal to them that you’re an expert in your field, it tells them that they matter to you on an individual level and that you’re a real member of their team.


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