Why UNAP is Important for Your Business

Why UNAP is Important for Your Business

The world of digital marketing is filled with enough acronyms to make your head spin. Even if you’re new to optimizing your presence online, you’ve no doubt encountered the classics – like SEO, PPC, ROI, etc. While all these have a place in building up your business in the digital landscape, UNAP is one of the most important for also securing foot traffic through your door.

Never heard of UNAP before? Let us tell you all about it and why it’s important for your business.


What Is UNAP?


UNAP stands for Universal (or URL) Name, Address and Phone number. It’s essentially an acronym for all of your essential contact information. Except for the URL, the UNAP sums up all the reasons why businesses loved their Yellow Pages listing in days gone by.

There are multiple reasons that having easily accessible UNAP information is important for your business, but before we get into that, it’s necessary to first talk about the need for consistency.


UNAP Consistency and SEO


Having your UNAP information available on the top internet directories is a major step in the right direction for local SEO. The only problem is that your information might be out there in places you aren’t even aware of, and some of it might not be accurate.

This is a huge ding to your SEO strategy because both search engines and your audience are looking for signals that you’re the real deal. Consistency across all your listings provides a level of trust that’s necessary for search engine approval and also for establishing validity with your local audience.

Whether for good or bad, it’s possible for someone to come along and change your UNAP information on many directories. This means that it’s important to regularly check and make sure that your contact information is consistent across all sources.


UNAP Is Geo Targeted for Your Local Audience


When a local customer initiates a search for a business, UNAP information contains the primary details they’re looking for. It’s estimated that as many as half of local searches done from mobile devices end up visiting the location within 24 hours.

Why wouldn’t you make it as easy as possible for them to find you. Publishing your UNAP information on multiple platforms is key for reaching out to your customers at the exact moment they’re looking to connect with you.


Consistent UNAP Listing Help You Adapt to Changing Algorithms


It’s estimated that Google updates its search algorithm hundreds of times a year. Thankfully, most of those are little tweaks that don’t matter too much to how businesses are approaching SEO. However, every so often a big update comes along to shake things up.

During these times, most businesses take a step back and reassess their approach to SEO, which can result in a little downtime from a traffic building standpoint. However, having your UNAP information updated and consistent will always help you continually generate quality, local traffic – even when other elements of your SEO are up in the air.


Would you like to know more about how a consistent UNAP listing can boost your local marketing results? Contact Spark Local Marketing today and let us show you how the smallest details, like your UNAP, often make the biggest difference.